About us

Galapagos has always been known for its biodiversity, since the archipelago hosts myriad of endemic species both in plants and animals, from sea lions to penguins, air, land and sea creatures. This earned it its name of Enchanted Islands as far back as the 16th century. Perhaps the secret behind this amazing fertility is based on its volcanic activity, since the archipelago is the second most active in the world after Hawaii.

In the last couple decades, thanks to the emerging technologies such as the Internet and improving air travel, tourism has been on the rise worldwide, especially to such mesmerizing destinations as Galapagos. Specifically in San Cristobal, the number of tourists we receive every month has risen to tens of thousands, yet, thanks to local measures, tourism is controlled so as to not impact negatively the natural treasures of the archipelago. This allows visitors to enjoy them today and to keep doing so in the future.

In order to make your visit as delightful as possible, we provide many services that you won't find anywhere else when it comes to accommodation. These are some of the benefits our clients enjoy:

  • Free transfer from and to the airport or dock
  • Free wi-fi, cable tv, AC, gym access, jacuzzi and pool
  • Tour and activity planning
  • Restaurant and minibar (paid)
  • Massage sessions (paid)

...And more. Just come stay with us and see for yourself.

Hotel Miconia


Hotel Miconia has been around since 2002, pioneering our concept of accommodation that makes us different.
From the start, our top priority has been not only to satisfy our clients, but, knowing that most of them have traveled a long distance to get to Galapagos, we strive to make the experience as bright and memorable as possible, by welcoming our visitors to our hotels, which are conveniently located next to the pier, where it's easy to set sail on boats, as well as the main road in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, where you can find various services from banks to drug stores.

Exclusive facilities

Miconia is the only hotel in San Cristobal with all the following features:

Swimming pool & Jacuzzi

Open air swimming pool with long chairs alongside to lay down and relax; jacuzzi with warm water and hydromassage, next to a table with parasol, where you can have food & drinks.


Our fully-equipped gym, with weights of all kinds, machines, static bikes, elliptical machines, punching bag, mats and more.

Restaurant & Mini-bar

Our restaurant is locally famous as we prepare food with many local and fresh ingredients, such as lobster and ceviches. At our Mini-bar you will find juices or smoothies made with 100% natural fruits and veggies, as well as snacks such as sandwiches, arepas, cake and wraps to perfectly combine your drink.




Discover our best side

SeaSide Inn is a modern, clean-designed villa with 10 rooms, located about 10 minutes away by foot from Hotel Miconia, next to Playa Mann beach and a couple hundred meters away from Centro de Interpretacion, from which you can get to many tourist attractions like Tijeretas or Punta Carola.

Its ample rooms are naturally well-lit and feature Wi-Fi, AC, cable TV, safe-box as well as handy closets to store your belongings. The landscape from its Ocean View suites is breathtaking.

The large kitchen is available to prepare and store your food at any time. On the top floor, you can enjoy cool drinks and relax while sitting on the large sofa.

On the lower floor, you can access the open-air swimming pool and jacuzzi at any time, or just lay in the large hammock and long chairs next to it.